I've been dying to revive this blog. It's been about 2 years now since I last wrote my own history. What happened? 2011 just breezed through my calendar without me putting into words my up's and down's. Tell you what, I've been sorely busy. Well, let me restate that. I chose to be busy.

Since I walked down the stage of PICC during my conferment of Degrees, I practically started thinking of which path to take. Should I start working? Should I get my masters? Should I start being a full pledged bum? Or should I opt for a career change? Gaaah. I wanted to do so many things, yet I know, I could only choose one road to journey on. It has been a tough drive for me. Literally. The idea of me entering a new chapter of my life made every cell in my body jerk in fright... 

"Ang hirap pala talaga tumanda."


Numerous entries left unpublished.

One rainy day.

It was a rainy day. I'm out, all cold and scratchy. School just started and yet, much things to think about. Yea, school-wise, that's not something new. I guess it's what I am thinking outside the boundaries of school that's making me all weary and gloomy.

As I looked out the car window on my way home, an insight jolted inside my head: YOU CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. Crappy things do happen. It gets into you. But that doesn't mean that you'll let those devour your real self. Work for change. And I guess everything will follow. So much about fixing a broken mirror. *sigh

A picture to conclude an awesome 2 days with my friends before classes start. :)

Wish I was her.. No one in particular.

Always knew that when we said goodbye
It wouldn't last forever
Always thought that I'd run into you
And we'd get back together........

Now you're here
Just like I imagined
But never once did it cross my mind
That you could move on.......

You've found someone
It breaks my heart
Cuz you're so in love

I wish that my touch
Makes you smile just like that
And I wish that I had you
the way that she has
Cuz I still remember the love
I left behind
Oh I wish I was her
And you were mine

I think somebody's tryin' to talk to me
But I can't hear a word they're saying
All I can do is stare at you
I don't even know why I'm staying
Never thought, I'd cry to see you Happy Its Just I Thought that your happiness
Was right here with me

I know we're through
It's no use
Still I can't help but feel......

There's no place on earth
That I'd rather be (rather be)
Cuz I still remember the love
I left behind
Oh I wish I was her
And you were mine

I used to be right beside you (oh no)
Now I'm not even kept inside your heart (oh no)
I put our love upon a shadow
But now it's gone
Cuz you belong to someone else.......

~some song stuck in my head then again.

Never check your phone for the time.

A lot of things had kept me preoccupied for the past days. School stuff as usual. Nothing new. Yet, other things get me even busier. I'm sponsoring this certain person for his Days weekend. OH gosh. I had to cut a couple of my classes just to finish everything! 2 more days. Crap. I'm running out of time! Somebody help meeee! :(

Today isn't my day. My phone just got confiscated. Oh crap. Perfect timing. Can I die now?

In the brink of random consciousness

"Choice tore us apart but Destiny will bring us together."

Criticisms can't put me down.

"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things."
-Winston Churchill

*And so it is. I should take criticisms constructively, right? :) Like what they say, You can never put a good woman down! Weee. :D

Behind what my eyes can see.

Photo credits: Raf Villarica

My eyes were able to see never before seen realities of life today. I may not be able to describe verbatim how I truly felt as my sight ran through the whole vicinity of the mental institution. I barely imagine the possibility that the patients will get better with that environment they are in. Here's the thing: How in the world will a mentally challenged person get well when in fact, he/she is surrounded with people of the same status? Geez. I need to have a good grasp of the logic behind this.

BF celebrated Jem's birthday also today. A surprise for her at Benavides, dinner at Sicilian and a fun and funny photo-op after. Great day! :)


Greenwoods welcomes BF

In what better way to celebrate your special day with the people closest to your heart?--Overnight stay! :D
MIA: Pauline. :(

Thank you so much! You guys rock! Much love! ♥